All Over – A Blues Play by Jamie J


What would you say to the father that abandoned you, if you met him in Hell?

In life, Red-Eyed abandoned Ernestine and their son, Clive and pursued a career as a Bluesman. Clive, determined to be a better man than his father, went to war promising to return home to his true love East – a hero. Ernestine waited for God to bring her man back.

ALL OVER takes place in Red-Eyed’s room in Purgatory – fashioned after an Atlantic City “Blues Joint.” There the Bluesman lives and relives his life’s mistakes. When Clive dies suddenly, he finds himself there in Red-Eyed’s room.

Now the bluesman must finally answer to his son for leaving him. Both men will have to face what their decisions did to the women who loved them.

ALL OVER weaves together original blues music, poetic dialogue and American history into a searing tribute to the lost. The play contains original blues music, explicit language and sexual content.


One Response to “All Over – A Blues Play by Jamie J”

  1. The play, “All Over” was one of the most intense drama’s that I have been witness to in a long, long time. The play was presented at the Fringe Festival in Wilmington, Delaware in the Wilmington Historical Society building in September. One of the lines in the play was about how “the road to nowhere goes on and on and on” Really struck my imagination and filled my head with images and emotions. Great job jamie, and keep them coming! Bill lindsey….

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