Character Breakdown

ALL OVER is an easy play to cast, with only (5) principal characters.  Keep in mind, characters do age during the play.  Since it’s a play with music, the actor playing Red-Eyed sings and plays the guitar.  The actor playing Ernestine sings the blues.  



RED-EYED –THE BLUESMAN: Colored blues singer, 40’s then 60’s. A man who has knowingly stood on the precipice of greatness many times; each chance thwarted by his own bitterness. While entertaining, his movement, speech and manner are melodramatic. All other times, his tone is faithless and incriminating. He is prone to digression and rambling speech.

CLIVE: His son. 22 then 30s. A frail but fearless boy, whose mood is always either a simmer or a boil. Then a Gulf War veteran who has contracted Gulf War Syndrome.

EAST: Clive’s girlfriend. African American. 20 then 30s. Attractive female who is made of sturdy stock with ample bosom. As a girl, she is awkward and obedient. Years of hard living and bar life have made her an alcoholic with cirrhosis of the liver. She moves as if dragging something delicate behind her.

ERNESTINE: Clive’s mother. A blues singer. 30’s then 50’s. As a blues singer, she was a striking woman with a commanding presence. Later in life she became a sanctified woman. Her every movement and sentiment delivered as if this woman is trying to keep from exploding.

USHERMAN: White male. 40’s.



A room in Purgatory.

The room is designed to look like a struggling blues joint with a small bar, performance stage and round tables with chairs. Far stage right is an alleyway. Center stage should be open space where memory scenes take place. The entire set is tilted downstage right, as if it is sinking into a hole that rests there.


This play contains original blues music written by the playwright and composed by Georgie Bonds.

The play also includes “Amazing Grace” , which resides in the public domain.


NOTE:  The play contains adult content, language and sexuality.


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